This website represents thousands of hours and at least a decade of research into the family history of my four grandparents. I am putting most of it online in hopes of sharing and connecting with other family and distant “cousins”.

Some of the families you will find in these pages are:

Wilson & O’Neill of Dublin

At least three generations of fine engravers. Wilson/O’Neill descendants travelled and immigrated all over the world including: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina.

Baldwin of Connecticut, Upper Canada, & Wisconsin

Left Connecticut just after the American Revolution to become some of the original settlers of Leeds & Lansdowne, Upper Canada.

Handy & Moss families

Originated from Connecticut. Two Handy brothers made their way to Orford township Ontario in 1831 and married into the Baldwin family.

Gillingham & Brierley

Originally from Dorset & Lancashire, England.

Murdock & Hemphill

Immigrated to Canada from Ireland probably mid 1800s.